America First Insurance
Executive Leadership

Tony Lani
Chief Executive Officer

Conservative values in insurance.
Putting you – and America – First





Our Promise

As America’s conservative insurance group, we are committed to providing, simple, high quality, and affordable insurance solutions, while fighting tirelessly for the shared values we believe in.

We will deliver value and transparency, and we will stand with American patriots to protect our constitutional rights, protect our liberty, and save our Great Nation!  A portion of every dollar we earn in profit will go back to Organizations for Veterans and First Responders, Faith Based Organizations, and other Organizations that share our values and fight to keep America Great!

America First.

Shared Values.

About The CEO

Tony Lani is both the Chief Executive Officer and the spokesperson for America First Insurance Group. Tony is uniquely positioned to lead America First Insurance Group as an outspoken conservative who is not afraid to be cancelled, and an insurance executive with a wealth of experience.  

With over 25 years in the insurance industry, Lani is a seasoned insurance executive who has a deep understanding of all sides of the insurance value chain.  Starting as a 2nd generation insurance agent, Lani has gone on to run large insurance agencies, and he has served in various leadership and training rolls for multiple companies. During his career, Lani has overseen the training of thousands of agents and other professionals, and he is a sought-after Keynote Speaker and Seminar Leader. Tony lives in Los Angeles, is a member of Godspeak Calvary Chapel Church where he is an active volunteer, and is a Constitution Coach with Patriot Academy.